Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Let's Look - Morning Routine


Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika. for Let's Look. The topic for this month is Morning Routine. During the week I have two morning routines - one for when I work from home, and one when I go into the office.  I documented both:

Last Friday I worked from home.  I get to wake up a bit later.

And I get to lay in bed for a few minutes.  Dave was first in the bathroom so I looked at my phone while I waited for my turn.

Everyone is up on the mornings I am working from home.  Lunches are made, breakfast eaten, and usually some music playing on the speaker.

Coffee made and I get to drink out of a mug.

Hugs for Q as he gets ready to leave.

And I get to say goodbye to E (and his friend) as they head out the door to walk.

Then over to my desk.  I usually wait until everyone is gone before I get my breakfast ready and just eat it at my computer.  I can eat something like granola and yoghurt that I don't need to scarf down.

On a morning where I'm heading to the office for 8:00, I have to set an alarm for 6:00 and get up right away.

My clothes are already picked out so I can get ready quietly in the bathroom.

Makeup and hair.  I opted for some dry shampoo and flat iron, I don't usually shower in the morning because I don't want to spend time drying my hair.

Since no one is up and I'm downstairs alone, I listen to podcasts on my Airpods.

I put lunches together for the boys.  E was having sushi but I left it out for him to decide which pieces he wanted to put in his lunch box.

I had something I could eat quickly, the last of the oat squares (in cashew milk) and some scrambled eggs, to which I added some hot sauce before eating.

Q was up while I was finishing up in the kitchen.  He was eating his leftover sandwich from the day before.  I did not see E on this morning and only waved to Dave while he was showering and I brushed my teeth.

Backpack ready to take with me to the office.

Waiting on the subway platform.  I usually get a seat and can read my book on the ride downtown.

Settling in at my desk for the morning.

Occasionally I will do a workout on the mornings I'm working from home, but I do like to take advantage of the extra sleep. 


  1. It’s great that you get to have some days when you can sleep in. Looking at your pics of getting your kids ready reminded me of when my kids were little. Our mornings were so busy back then.

  2. Those are both great routines!

  3. I always love following along with others are they start their day! Sushi for lunch --that's awesome! I'm always intrigued by public transportation ....just foreign to me. I think I would love knowing I have a few minutes to sit and read on the way to work. How long does it take you to get there?