Thursday, May 25, 2023

Monthly Musings


Linking up today with Holly and Patty for this month's Monthly Musings.  It is all about Memorial Day this month, but since I'm in Canada, I've adjusted the questions for Victoria Day weekend, which is what we had this past weekend.  The holiday is meant to mark the birthday of our sovereign but since Canada didn't want to have to keep changing holidays based on who was King or Queen at any given time, we chose Queen Victoria's birthday as the stand-in for all. I just learned that this week on The Bridge podcast.  History lesson over.

1. How are did you spending Memorial Victoria Day Weekend?
We went to a Blue Jays game, had dinner at the golf club, and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

2. Favourite ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip.

3. Memorial Victoria Day travel or hang at home? 
We usually hang out at home, there is always enough to do in Toronto.

4. Burger, hot dog, both?

5. Favourite cookout BBQ sides?
Coleslaw, sweet potato salad, grilled vegetables. 
(We don't call it a cookout here, we say we are having a barbeque or we are barbequing burgers/sausages/steak/whatever.)

6. White before or after Memorial Day?
Before is fine as long as the weather is warm.

7. Memorial Victoria Day traditions?
We often go to see the Blue Jays if they are in town, or just try to get some outdoor time in.

8. Share a summer recipe.
This Zucchini Butter Pasta is one of the most delicious things I have ever made. The zucchini is cooked in an obscene amount of butter, cooked down to be so soft. The fresh basil on top finishes it off. 

9. Parades, fireworks, or cookouts?
None of the above.

10. Show us your red, white and blue.
Victoria Day isn't a patriotic holiday here, so we aren't wearing red and white.  I did buy a pretty blue dress that I wore on Sunday.


  1. Our answers are fairly similar, although the Blue Jays weren't a part of our tradition when I lived in Saskatchewan!!! And my history lesson (much of which came from Wikipedia) was much longer :) I'm always looking for new ways to cook zucchini so I'm going to check that out.

  2. Also, technically I guess we wear red, white, and blue for Jays' games -- HAHAHA!!!

  3. I have never heard of sweet potato salad... is that like a traditional potato salad with mayo?! I'm intrigued!!

    1. The dressing is light - mayo, dijon, red wine vinegar. You combine that with roasted sweet potatoes, green onion, celery, parsley, pecans, and dried cranberries. I will have to write out the recipe sometime.

  4. Oh you had me at zucchini- just pinned that recipe- looks and sounds delish- thanks for sharing!

  5. It took me a lot of years after moving to the USA to adjust to Memorial Day instead of Victoria Day being the long weekend! We still try to do something special on both weekends, although of course we don't get the Victoria Day Monday off. Glad you had a good long weekend!

  6. Your history lesson was so interesting. Mint chocolate chip is my fave too.That recipe sounds delish.

  7. Thank you for joining us and sharing your Victoria Day traditions. I love it! The zucchini dish sounds amazing.