Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Weekend Recap

We finally had some real summer weather this weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it. 

On Friday I walked the kids to school, even the littles.  I don't get this opportunity often, it's so nice to be out in the morning. 

A little horseplay on the school field.

We had plans to go out for dinner, but instead we just stayed at our neighbours and they fed us instead.  I did contribute some Gin and Tonics .  Have G+T, Will Travel.

Pre-dinner popsicles.

I also brought over this bottle of rose.  It's so tasty and a bit more affordable than the original Whispering Angel.

I actually just sent E over to get the wine and some extra tonics.  He's so helpful ;)

On Saturday morning we thought that Q's ball hockey started at 10:00 so we got there a bit earlier than usual but it was actually rescheduled to 11:00.  No big deal though, we found some friends to hang out with beforehand. 

Shaking hands after the game.

We did a few errands on the way home, including ice cream.  I was going to get one but they didn't have mint chocolate chip so I figured I would forego getting one. 

We watched the F1 Qualifying, and I did a Peloton ride.  Then we all went to play golf!  Dave has taken the boys but I have never joined them.  Both boys played pretty well and the weather was perfect. 

We hurried home after golf to get changed and then go out to meet our friends for dinner.  

We enjoyed our meal at Alma.

Dave golfed on Sunday morning and I took the boys to church.  The service went longer than usual because we had confirmation and communion, so we were running out at the end to make it to E's baseball game.  We pulled into the parking lot exactly at 12:00 and he didn't miss any of the game.  I do hate being late though.  The boys were upset we didn't stay for cake after church, but then later in the afternoon, one of the church ladies delivered cake to our house knowing we hadn't been able to stay.  Isn't that so nice?! The boys day was made. 

Our afternoon plans were soon hijacked by an impromptu neighbour hang-out.  The kids went over and then we joined to say hi to the parents and didn't leave for several hours!

Porch drinks. 

We did drag ourselves away eventually and made it home to have supper.  Then we turned on the F1 Monaco Race. It was slightly boring at the beginning but did get a little exiting when the rain started. 


  1. That is so sweet that someone dropped off cake later in day after having to rush out for the game. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  2. That's so sweet that a church member dropped off the cake. My kids always love those bonus church occasions. haha Looks like you all are having wonderful weather.