Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Weekend Recap

We had a very busy long weekend!  On Friday I picked up E from his overnight school trip and he had lots of stories.  Then I went to the Cheese Boutique to pick up a few nice things for the weekend. I took a photo of this wall of olives as a reminder of where to go next time we need some!

That Friday night, we had steak on the BBQ, and then watched a movie on Netflix.  It wasn't that memorable.

We woke up to rain on Saturday morning so that meant Q's ball hockey was cancelled.  I did a 60 minute Peloton ride and then we watched a couple of movies - Top Gun Maverick and Super Mario Bros. 

We had plans in the afternoon to go to the Blue Jays game, and by that time it was sunny and warm so the roof was open

Lots of fun at the ballpark!

E picked out the s'mores churros.

The game went into extra innings and the Jays lost, boo.  Then we went home and Dave and I went to our friends' house for supper - oysters, bleu cheese and sage pork chops, fresh greens from the market, and rhubarb crisp! All very tasty. 

Church on Sunday morning and the boys helped to give out the bulletins at the door.

And they made the lovely candle holders.

Right to the baseball field for E's game.

Dave took his parents golfing (along with E) for 9 holes, and then Q and I met them at the club for dinner on the patio.

New dress from a local boutique.

Q was in the middle of a water fight when it was time to get, resulting in a change of clothes!

It was a beautiful night to be on the patio.

Playing in the lawn sprinklers when we got home.

On Monday morning Dave went golfing, his mom took the boys for a bike ride, and I did some stuff in the kitchen and tided up the house.

In the afternoon we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 with our neighbours.

Q had soccer in the evening. 

They didn't have enough players so E stepped in as goalie.

Aside from the cooler weather on Monday, I would say summer is here!


  1. That cheese boutique sounds like heaven! Looks like you all had a wonderful summery long weekend and I love your new dress. Did you enjoy Gaurdians Of The Galaxy?

    1. Yes I did! I'm not as up on the Marvel movies as the rest of my family, but I can still appreciate it! As if we couldn't love Rocket more!!

  2. What a lovely new dress! I can not get over the wall of olives; that is a huge variety. My husband took the boys to see Guardians and I elected to stay home (knowing they'll make me watch it anyway the moment it starts streaming on Disney).