Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Favourites

I made this huge bowl of swiss chard for our supper on Tuesday.  The kids didn't love it but I made three meals out of it for myself.

E needs to lose a tooth so he can get his retainer adjusted and start wearing it again.  The orthodontist told him to eat an apple to try and get it out, so we walked up to buy a couple.  
Blurry but I like the smile.

Trying to show his tooth.

We were suited up for the Leafs game on Wednesday night, and they won!! Good luck to them for tonight. 

Q showed me this Lego thing he made when I dropped him off at school.  I thought it looked like a raccoon but it was (clearly) a squirrel!

So many pretty trees are in bloom right now. And this tree smelled divine as I walked past.

I love Jamie Foxx and I am very sad that he isn't doing well right now.  I am deep in the conspiracy theory that P. Diddy tried to have him killed (look it up!!) so I hope he comes out of it okay.  This has prompted me to look back at old video clips of Jamie Foxx, he is such a talented singer and at doing impressions!

Dave has been in Vegas this week, he had a room with a view!

The weekend looks promising for weather!  And a Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas and grandmamas! 

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  1. I hope the apples did the trick and got the tooth out. The Lego model did make me chuckle. Obviously it's a squirrel. hehehe
    I saw something on the news about Jamie Foxx, that is crazy about P. Diddy. Eek!
    Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.

  2. I hope the apples work or worked whatever the case may be. Dave's view for the week is pretty awesome.

  3. The Swiss chard looks good, I love leafy green vegetables but I don't think I've tried Swiss chard before. I hope E has had success with losing his tooth. I had a laugh about Q's lego construction, I've lost count the number of times I have offended a kids creation at preschool! Now I say Oh what lovely colours you've used LOL!! Just this morning the story came up about Jamie Foxx on my google home page. But I didn't know about P.Daddy, I'll look it up now. Happy Mother's Day weekend!