Thursday, May 18, 2023

Summer Picnics

With lots of summer sports in our future this year, I know we will be taking many packed lunches/suppers with us to eat by the side of the field, rink, and baseball diamond. E's baseball is at noon on Sundays so that always requires a picnic lunch, and then three out of five weeknights, we have something at 6:00 pm, so the kids can maybe eat beforehand, but the parents may be the ones eating on the sidelines. 

The go-to for the kids is a peanut butter and jam sandwich for obvious reasons, and they don't really get tired of it, but it's always good if we have leftover pizza (which is what Q is eating in both photos above). 

Some other ideas that we typically bring along:

Dip and crackers,

Meat, cheese and crackers (or as I like to call it a portable charcuterie), 

Ham and cheese sandwich on a bun (for some reason a bun sandwich seems like such a treat on a picnic),

Veggies and hummus, or

Salad with a side of protein (I'm always looking for salads that travel well and last for a couple of days in the fridge). 

For our extras, we like to bring cookies, cut up pear or apples, mini Diet Pepsi, meat sticks or jerky, and trail mix. 

And it's always a fine idea to add an order of french fries or ice cream if you've got the option nearby :)

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  1. Hadley usually has 30 min between after school track practice and dance...most of the time she eats a PBJ or ramen! Then, has real dinner after she gets home at 8:30. I know what you mean though --the timing is rough most of the time.