Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Weekend Recap


Q is still doing skating lessons, only two left now.  He's really improved so I'm glad we put him in the lessons.

After we got home, he had a Kiwi Crate waiting for him (a Christmas gift from Dave's sister).  He and E worked on that while Dave and I got supper ready.

My friend's niece was spending the night with us so after I picked her up at the airport, we settled in to watch some James Bond.

It was raining again on Saturday.  We watched the F1 Sprint Race and did workouts.  Q's ball hockey was cancelled again. 

We were having people over for supper so I used it as an excuse to finally use the lobster we had in the freezer from Christmas.  I made puff pastry shells (with some difficulty, first time using puff pastry and I felt like I was on the Great British Baking Show) and topped them with some lobster mixed with mayo, tarragon, and chives.  They were delicious!

We served burgers and macaroni and cheese, and then we watched the hockey game.  It was all very exciting and we let the boys stay up for the whole game.  Which is good because I screamed when the Leafs scored and won so I would have woken them up if they'd been in bed.

We had some boxes to start packing for our reno, and Q wanted to sleep in one. 

He did take it upstairs and started off in the box, but then moved to his bed after awhile.

We watched the F1 race on Sunday morning, E enjoyed a doughnut for breakfast, and then we went to church. 

I was productive in the afternoon and cleaned out my closet and dresser, and put away my winter clothes. 

The boys played outside, despite the rain, and they were muddy when they came in and needed showers before supper. 
Q worked on his reading and read Green Eggs and Ham with hardly any help.

After Q went to bed we watched Stowaway on Netflix (starring Anna Kendrick), we all agreed it could have been better. 

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  1. The lobster with puff pastry sounds delicious and it has all of my favourite ingredients. Lobster is so expensive over here so we only eat it very rarely. I had to laugh at Q wanting to sleep in a box. Sounds like a great weekend enjoying all the fun ice hockey.