Friday, May 24, 2024

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! We had a short work week but it still felt very long.  

The Grade 7s and 8s had a concert this week, all of the classes performed a song with everyone playing an instrument and some singing. Q and I had front row seats.

Here comes E with his cello.  He joined the Strings group after Christmas, having never played cello before.  The Strings did a great job with their piece.

His class performed "What is Love" and E was on electric guitar. I didn't get an actual photo, this is a still from the video. 

They also had the kids' artwork out on display so I snapped photos of E's work.

Dave and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. In a true representation of our marriage, we spent the evening tuning the bikes where Dave worked away at figuring things out and fixing them and I reluctantly helped.  

Taking it for a spin to make sure it's shifting gears. 

We did manage a toast to each other once we got back inside.  We have dinner plans for Saturday night on Ossington. 

Q got his haircut and I wanted a photo but it was the end of the evening so he wasn't that into it.  He is starting to smile here though.

E and I watched the Chef movie last week so now we are watching The Chef Show.  I've seen it before but it's enjoyable to watch again.  Some day I'll get to a Roy Choi restaurant. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Well done to the kids in the concert and to E. His artwork is fab too.
    Happy anniversary to you and Dave!

  2. I enjoy hearing a cello played. Cheers to you and your hubs on your anniversary! Looking back at ours, some have been spent in fabulous places but there was at least one spent at an 8th grade graduation and another at a new house closing mixed in there too. Balance is good : )

  3. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to E on his performance and great artwork! I always loved going to see school performances. I hope you enjoyed your dinner on Saturday night and I look forward to seeing some yummy photos :) Q's haircut look very cool!