Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Weekend Recap

I started my Friday out with a Negroni and a little snack plate. Q was at a birthday party and Dave and E were golfing. 

I walked to get Q from his party and saw these beautiful lilacs in bloom. Can you smell this photo?

We were going to watch the last Harry Potter movie that night but it was too late by the time everyone got home and we ate dinner. Another time!

On Saturday morning Q had an optional Tball practice so we biked to the field for that. It was a bit cool but nice and warm in the sun. A friend of mine was there so I got to visit with her. 

Then it was time for E’s baseball game so I took him to that and Dave and Q went to ball hockey.  Number 11 on deck.

We were having people over for dinner so after the sports were over we had to tidy up the house and yard. 
We had a great night with our friends from the ski season! 

Kids were playing games (together) in the dark in the basement. 

On Mother’s Day we went to church. And then Q had Tball game. 

I learned a new skill and kept the score for the game. 

When we got home and finally had a few moments I opened my gifts and we enjoyed some Indian takeout for supper. And cake for dessert. 

Crazy Stupid Love is on Netflix now, it's one of my favourite movies so we watched that on Sunday night after the kids went to bed.

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