Monday, May 13, 2024

Sharing Our Lives - Favourite and Least Favourite Foods

Hello! Thank you for joining us today.  We're here on the second Monday of each months to share our lives with you via the topics listed below.  My co-hosts are: AdrienneDaraJen, and Joanne.

Today is a particularly fun topic because we get to talk about food! I am one of those people who is always thinking about their next meal ;) It's hard to narrow these down, but here are my 5 favourite foods and my 5 least favourite foods:

1. Pizza - any kind, but a greasy pepperoni always hits the spot.
2. Turkey Dinner - Dark meat, gravy, mashed potatoes, yummy!
3. Cherry Pie - Of all pies, this is my very favourite. 
4. Smoked Salmon on a Bagel - with cream cheese, capers, and dill.
5. Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich on toast with mayo - I don't have this a lot but when I do, it's a favourite.

Least Favourite
1. Out of season fruit - pale melon, mealy oranges, strawberries that are white on the inside, blech.
2. Pork chops - One time I got food poisoning because of a pork chop and I have steered clear since then.
3. Sushi - I have eaten this on occasion but it's just not for me.
4. Overnight oats - I know this is a good healthy breakfast but it's too slimy for me, if I'm having oatmeal I want the hot stuff.
5. Black Licorice - It was never a big favourite for me, but after a bad night with some Sambuca in university, I have not wanted to go near it. 

 A little side bar, I've never been a very picky eater, but there are a few things that I used to hate, or so I thought, but when I tried them I realized they weren't so bad and now I love them - egg salad sandwiches, pumpkin pie, rice pudding, Brussels sprouts (as long as they roasted and not boiled). So never say never to certain food!

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  1. I agree with all your least favorite foods and even a few you've mentioned finding a liking for I can't bring myself to eat- definitely not pumpkin pie, rice pudding, or brussels sprouts (I've tried them quite a few ways and just can't). I am a pretty picky eater I guess because I don't like most fruit pies either (but do love a good apple pie), can't even stand the though of sushi (it's a texture thing for me), I also don't/won't eat gravy on anything... but I love a good BLT sandwich (as long as it doesn't have avocado-- blech!).

  2. I've always got food on my mind too and I think I could have named 555 favourites. Licorice is on my list of least favourite foods and I can't understand how my husband loves it. It's his evening treat!!

  3. If you've ever had food poisoning it's hard to go back and try that food again. Pizza could have been on my favorites list. It was so hard to narrow this down today. Happy Monday!

  4. Now I want some cherry pie and ice cream. The greasier the pizza, the better. I’ve never been a fan of black licorice. I love red though. Happy Monday.

  5. I'm starting to think of things I left off of my list!

  6. a blt sounds delicious right now. I love overnight oats over hot oatmeal. I always add something to my oats to give it a crunch either chocolate chips or nuts.

  7. We love smoked salmon on bagels, it's a regular weekend breakfast. Do you add capers and thin slices of red onion? So delicious!

  8. Pizza is a favorite of mine and I have also learned to like so many foods as I have gotten older. Have a good evening!

  9. Oh, I love cherry pie too! And I really like black licorice so you can send it all my way. I used to be a more picky eater but then I started trying more foods (and living overseas) and discovered I really do like yogurt and eggs. So yes, I agree -- try foods you used to not like to see if your tastes have changed!

  10. Ahh! I am always thinking about my next meal too. hehehe
    I love your favourites especially the turkey dinner, we only seem to eat that at Christmas.
    I have never wanted to try overnight oats but I do love liquorice.
    Up until a few weeks ago I hated cabbage but now I've tried it I have found out I love it.

  11. Like yogurt, I want to like overnight oats, but I don't. I guess it's a texture thing.