Thursday, May 30, 2024

Monthly Musings


1. What are you looking forward to this summer?
My favourite things about summer are the same things I liked as a child, bike rides and swimming.  

2. Favourite summer traditions?
Camping, lots of biking, and going to Blue Jays games. 

3. Favourite summer recipe?
This one is a favourite - mini shell pasta with bacon and peas (and I will add asparagus if it's in season).

4. Summer vacation plans?
Camping for the long weekend in July, cottage weekend with friends for the August long weekend, and then Nova Scotia for a few days. I do love being in Toronto in the summer, people come here for their holidays and we get to be here all the time, so we try to appreciate it!

5. Coleslaw or potato salad? Recipe?
I like both but only if they are "right".  I do not like that fluorescent green coleslaw from the grocery store, and I don't like overly creamy potato salad with eggs.  
I make coleslaw like this:
Thinly sliced cabbage and shredded carrot (I buy a pack of this already prepared from our local produce store, but you can do it yourself).  I put it in a colander in the sink and sprinkle with salt, sugar, and white vinegar, tossing together, then let it sit for about 15 minutes.  After that time, I squeeze as much liquid out as I can, then add to a bowl.  I add mayonnaise and grainy mustard in enough quantities to make it the consistency I want.  I don't add much grainy mustard, only a couple of tablespoons.  Then add some salt and pepper to taste.  It's simple but that's how I prefer it. 

6. Favourite ice cream or frozen treat?
Mint chocolate chip ice cream every time. I also like a root beer popsicle (if they still make those!).

7. Favourite summer beverage?
Aperol Spritz

8. Beach, lake, or mountains?
Beach is my first choice, but mostly I'm left to a lake beach here in Ontario.

9. Best ways to beat the heat in the summer?
Spend time in the shade and wear a hat.  I would be remiss not to mention that we just got central air in our house, so we will be happy about that as the temperatures get warmer. 

10. Favourite sunscreen?
Ombrelle from Garnier.  Anything between 30 and 50 works for me. I prefer the cream but the rest of my family likes the spray.

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  1. My family likes the spray sunscreen too but it's not my favorite either. It sounds like you have a fun summer planned!

  2. The pasta dish sounds delicious.

  3. I am with you with the beach AND yes! I forgot about the Aperol Spritz- one of my faves and so refreshing!

  4. I'd love to get to Toronto some day! Mint CC ice cream is my fave too.

  5. I love a root beer popsicle too and they are hard to find. It is time for them to make a comeback in a big way. Thanks for joining us this month!