Friday, May 10, 2024

Friday Favourites

This week got away from me and I only got around to posting one other post this week.  I liked seeing what others had done for Let's Look - Summer Closet Staples, so I'll save that for next week.  I also had a couple of thoughts about the recent campus protests, not so much about being for or against them, but the mental exercises I keep doing about all of these complicated global events.  I'll save that for another day when I have time to write my thoughts down properly. 

I walked with the boys to school on Wednesday since I didn't have any early meetings that day.  It was a beautiful day and I was reminded how great it is that the boys can walk.  It was so nice to see the other families out walking together. Bonus I stopped to get a coffee and muffin on my way home.

Dave had men's night at the golf club on Wednesday so I took the boys out for dinner at The Crooked Cue.


Q had a t-ball game on Thursday night.  I don't know what the final score was but it was a fun game.

We started watching Canada's Ultimate Challenge this week.  It's like Amazing Race or Survivor, with teams completing in very physical (and some strategy) challenges taking place across Canada.  It's an excellent show and free on CBC Gem!

Speaking of fun shows, the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix is amazing. Dave and I have been making our way through it (it's 3 hours!).  The jokes are so crude and unlike anything I have heard for a long time, it's a bit refreshing to just laugh at all that without feeling the need to be horrified.  I can say it's not for everyone!  Also Kevin Hart is great. 

On Monday we are hosting a link up where we Share Our Lives.  It's a fun topic - favourite and least favourite foods. 

To all those celebrating this weekend, Happy Mother's Day!

Linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites. 


  1. So nice to enjoy time outside and the challenge tv show sounds good. happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

  2. A nice walk and a coffee and muffin as well. Perfect! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday xx

  3. I saw all the Summer Closet Staples too and now have a post in mind, for when I get around to taking some photos.
    How lovely to walk with the boys to school. I miss those days with my girls.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. x

  4. Happy Mother's day to you too. That morning walk sounds so lovely.

  5. I enjoy The Amazing Race. I've always said my hubs and a good friend should enter because they're funny and my hubs is also a world traveler so I think would have a chance. It would be fun to watch anyway. I like the Monday prompt...I am going to try to link up. It's hard to think of five foods I don't like! Have a nice weekend!

  6. I'm interested in the Tom Brady roast....although I'm sure it's uncomfortable to watch haha