Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday - Hyatt's Manion Lake Camp

On Fridays, I plan on revisiting some trips or events that happened before I started this blog.  Some of these pictures may have appeared on my Facebook page before, but maybe they are new to you.  I love reading about peoples' travels so I hope you enjoy the same!

To begin I am flashing back to a very recent trip.  Earlier this summer we travelled to Northwestern Ontario to stay at Hyatt's Manion Lake Camp.  It is a business run by my mother's cousin and her family.  When I say Northwestern, I don't mean Muskoka, I mean a three hour drive west of Thunder Bay and another 35 minutes north on a dirt road.  It is remote!  They run their electricity off solar power and generators.  It is so quiet but there is a lot going on.  They rent cabins to people coming to fish in the summer and hunt in the fall.  There are two horses, numerous chickens, three dogs and two cats, not to mention this menagerie in the main lodge:

This was my fifth visit, and Dave's third visit, but E's first visit (not counting the year I went when I was pregnant).  I found some pictures of some past visits.

This was 2009:
Big Walleye (or Pickerel)

Shore lunch - fresh fried fish and beans

Young Dave and his bass

This was 2011:
Cabin 2 where we stayed

An unflattering picture, but I was pregnant, there weren't many flattering ones of me.

Dave and his haul for the day.

This year, as usual, we fished everyday, and E even got in on the action. 

This guy!

We took a day trip to Moosetrack Lake and caught an unbelievable amount of fish, these are just the ones we kept for our fish fry.

Nothing is better than fresh fish.

A tiny perch (caught by Dave, since E's rod only had a rubber fish on the end).
We fish with live minnows, and by the end of the week E was confident enough to pick the minnows out of the bucket for us for our hooks. 

Catching the minnow
"I squeeze it for you".  Not too hard buddy!

Me and my big northern pike.  I was not brave enough to hold it in my hands.

As in past years I've visited, there are always lots of other family members there at the same time.  This year there were about 30 of us!  We were so fortunate to be able to visit with everyone and enjoy each others' company.  E had a great time with his young cousins.  It is always worth the trip and we look forward to many more visits in years to come! 

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