Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend Recap - Street Fair

It is funny that places where I would never would have gone a few years ago are now places I seek out.  I don't like walking around in the heat, looking at booths, carrying random giveaways, eating mediocre food, etc., but children eat that stuff up, so something like the street fair we attended this weekend is now a fun activity and one that we seek out, and have even looked forward to it for weeks. 

Our neighbourhood, the one that runs the farmer's market, held a street fair this past weekend.  Our original plan had been to ride our bikes down and spend the day (the best laid plans, and all that...). With Dave in a cast and our day becoming necessary for moving some things into storage (more on that below), we decided on a quick trip to grab some lunch.   No face painting, no bouncy castle, no popcorn, but that's okay. The food was not mediocre and the random giveaway included a Spiderman colouring book and a full box of crayons so I'll take it!

We got a very close parking spot, thankfully.

Beautiful day, lots of people

Close up of my big boy

Waiting for lunch

E and I enjoyed some lunch from Localista
Steak sandwich

The rest of my weekend was spent packing boxes, moving them into storage, and staging our house to put it up for sale!  We bought a house last week and we'll be putting our house on the market as soon as we can.  We have cleared out some of our stuff, and moved some furniture around to make it look a little bigger.  I will share some photos of our work in the coming weeks.  It was a tough weekend for me, since Dave is mostly out of commission being in his cast and all.  Fortunately we had some friends come over to help, and his parents will be here this week to help with some other odds and ends. 
Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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