Monday, February 23, 2015

Brownies, Guides, and Scouts

Yesterday was World Thinking Day, which is celebrated by Scouts and Guides.  I was a Brownie and a Guide when I was growing up and Dave was a Beaver and Scout.  I think his dad was even one of their leaders.  We will likely sign E up when he is old enough.  I have fond memories of Brownies and Guides - and it really is a place where you can become so well rounded.  It's not just sports, music, crafts, or camping, it's everything.  A scout troop meets at our church during the week so they attended the service on Sunday and we recognized Thinking Day.  I remember wearing my uniform to school if Thinking Day fell on a weekday, we thought this was so special.  They asked everyone who had been in Scouts or Guides to stand up, and then we got to make a name tag and write our troop on it.

1st Shelburne Brownies (and then just Guides, not enough for two troops)

(Dave is lucky, I couldn't find any old pictures of him as a Scout)

This was the night we "flew up" (I think that's what it was called, I can't remember).  Our uniforms were soon full of badges, crests, and pins.

Since we are holding candles, this is probably the equivalent ceremony for Guides.  

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  1. Love those photos! Yes, I recall happy times in Brownies and Guides, in my day. It was a great organization and we learned a variety of skills. I was even a Tawny Owl in one community