Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Want it Wednesday

I haven't done a Want it Wednesday in a few weeks. If you are buried in snow, or layers of clothing, then here is some spring motivation.  Spring will come again, we must persevere!

I have this blouse from Loft in a black and white pattern.  This one looks more fun for spring and summer.  It washes well (I hang it to dry), doesn't need to be ironed, and works well with skirt or pants.

I went to Old Navy last week to get E a Valentine's shirt and I wanted so many of their new clothes, I had to force myself to walk away.  I had my eye on these items:

Polka Dot Pants (this style comes in so many colours)

Striped Tunic (not sure if this style would look good of me but I like the pattern)

Sweater (again the style may not work for me but I love mint green and navy together)

And a clothing post would not be complete without Anthropologie.  I get daily emails from them which mostly serve to remind me I never get to shop at this store.

Maxi Dress (for the record I would never spend almost $400 on a maxi dress but it is very beautiful)

For now I'll just carry on with my Uggs and North Face parka!

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