Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Current List

I always have a running list on my phone of things I need to get done.  Sometimes it gets really detailed and includes everything from picking up a card for someone to painting a room.  If I don't write down the things swirling around in my head, then I start feeling panicky but as soon as they are on a list, I feel better.

My current list includes:

Rugs - I've taped off the shape of some rugs I think would work in the living room and our room.  They are both huge rugs so kind of a big investment and we want to make sure we get the "right" ones for the house.

Print pictures for framing - We have hung a few picture frames on the wall of our new house but there are always lots of places for more.  I don't need formal photos, just casual shots of family and friends.
(Note the one in the upper left corner on it's side, we need a replacement for that frame)

Redecorate my office - I've been in this office for almost 7 years and it has looked pretty much the same.  I exchanged a bookcase for a filing cabinet that I can use to clear my desk off.  With that gone I have a bit more wall space to hang some new pictures.
This is a picture of my office from the summer.  Will try out some new photos, pretty boxes for supplies, and maybe a desk lamp.

E's school papers - E starts school in September, which I cannot believe, and I need to fill in his enrolment papers and drop them off at the school before mid-March.

Dave's birthday gifts - Dave's birthday is in March.  I have a few ideas already so I just need to buy them now.

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