Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Thoughts

This blog is always a mishmash of randomness.  And this post is going to be the ultimate in randomness.

Some thoughts I've been pondering lately:

When people post photos on Instagram of themselves that are not selfies, but clearly edited and taken with someone else's camera, how can they qualify as "Instagrams"?  I thought unless it was a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) post then I thought it had to be instant?

Does everyone have a drone with which they can take overhead shots of their food?

Do Kate and Will dress Prince George on those formal clothes because they are royalty or because this is how kids dress in England?  Shorts and knee socks, collared shirts, embroidered overalls?

What is the appeal of Katy Perry? Her songs are pretty good, but they seem kind of formulaic, and I don't think she is as "hot" as people seem to think she is.

Why is a sequined body suit the outfit of choice for Madonna?  Is there no other outfit she could where?  Britney Spears also sported a series of bodysuits at her show in Vegas, they were not flattering.

There is no CTRL-ALT-DELETE on a Mac.  All of those buttons exist on a Mac but to achieve the same thing, you press Option-Command-Esc.  Is Mac just trying to be difficult?  Is CTRL-ALT-DELETE copyright protected?

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  1. And I've learnt something about my MAC. These random posts are awesome :-)