Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is Groundhog Day - if you had to pick one day to live over and over, what would it be.

I thought a lot about this and I could not immediately think of one day that I could live over and over again.  Although I sort of like a routine, I get bored easily with doing the same thing for too long.  Really, as long as my day is filled with love, beauty, intelligent interactions, and a coffee, then I'm all set.  However for the sake of this post, I'll provide a sort of "itinerary":

Wake up in a cozy bed, sun streaming in, warm breeze coming in an open window.

I think I'd like a buffet for breakfast so I could always choose something different - fruit, yoghurt and granola, smoked salmon, muffins, and of course hot coffee.

When I think of my perfect day, I always think of the beach.  The morning would be best spent on a beach, going for a run, a swim, paddle board, building sand castles, etc.

Lunch - Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, on toast, with mayo and a slice of cheddar cheese.  I think I could eat this lunch every single day and never get sick of it.

The afternoon would be great spent close to home, reading, making food, resting, playing in the yard, preferably with swings and a hammock.

I could seriously eat pizza everyday and be happy, so I'd definitely want pizza for supper.

Evening on the porch, looking at the view.  Watching TV or a movie.  I've seen porches with TVs, which I think is amazing (but would obviously never be practical here in Toronto), so I'd like one of those.  A bonfire would also be nice.

I didn't mention Dave or children, but obviously they would be part of the day, fitting into these activities.

This was interesting to think about.  I didn't picture myself in our house, at work, doing errands, etc.  So I guess I just want to be on a beach vacation at all times, perhaps it is our weather that is influencing that.


  1. Have you ever added avocado to your BLT? It is also one of my favorite sandwiches! Waking up in the morning to an open window with a light breeze sounds fantastic!

  2. Can I come along for your perfect day? That really does sound excellent! And the buffet for breakfast is a great idea. Don't want to get tired of the same thing every day forever!