Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Goodies

I was inspired by my own post yesterday to start decorating for Easter.  I picked up a few things at Michael's, Homesense, and Dollarama.  Here is a sneak peak of what we'll be decorating with this year.

For some treats, I always like to make some version of festive Rice Krispie squares.  Last year I made pink ones with little pastel coloured candies mixed in.  This year, I wanted to make these:

Trix marshmallow squares, but then I realized that I've never seen these at the store, and a quick google search confirmed that Trix are not sold in Canada.  I'll have to see what substitute I can find.  They look so pretty.  There must be a reason they aren't sold here - my guess high sugar, too many artificial colours.  


  1. Okay! Now you have inspired me t o get out my decorations for Easter! I like your choices. Where did you find the specked eggs?

  2. My sister made Easter birdie nests with little color choc eggs. Used a muffin pan for shaping the nest with rice Krispy mixture, color shredded coconut green put in the nest then added the little color Easter eggs they were yummy and so cute.

  3. How fun!!! Love the rice krispie treat idea!!