Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

We started out our weekend watching Foxcatcher.   This was a film I mentioned in my TIFF synopsis in the fall.  I see now that I had referenced "true crime" in my summary.  Well I had forgotten everything about what it was about except that Channing Tatum was an Olympic wrestler.  It was a strange movie and one of those ones where you know tragedy is just around the corner but you're not sure what is going to happen.  Steve Carrell put in a great performance and his Oscar nomination was well deserved.  

On Saturday Dave and E want to Home Depot for the kids workshop.  The project was a bug house.  I love the little Home Depot smock that they get.  Hopefully E can go a few more times, he loves tools, and of course doing anything that Dad is doing. While they did that I stayed home and watched Mean Girls cleaned the house.  

In the afternoon E and I took the subway downtown to the Eaton Centre to shop for Dave's birthday presents.  Of course the one weekend we decide to go downtown to the mall the subway is shut down between the Bloor Line and Union Station so we had to take a shuttle bus from Bloor-Yonge to Yonge-Dundas. It was actually pretty good on the way there, and E was excited about it.  On the way back it was not as good, but we managed.
After shopping, we enjoyed our Starbucks at the fountain

Chocolate faced selfie

Heading home on the subway

Serious faces

Silly faces

Since I went out last weekend Dave went out this weekend (we are working on finding a regular babysitter but it's not as easy as it seems).  He met some of our friends at Geraldine.  But for E's and my dinner I got take out from Mad Mexican.  I love this place.  I got this sandwich (or Torta if I want to be authentic) called La Revolucion.  It is probably in my top five list of sandwiches, and I will be ordering this again.  While Dave was out I watched Jerry Maguire and part of Steel Magnolias. 
Half of my sandwich.

These are the donuts Dave brought home from me from La Cubana.

After church on Sunday, we walked up the street to get our bread, meat, vegetables, coffee, etc.  It was still a little chilly but the sun was shining and warm.

E had $5 to spend so he picked this pink cupcake with sprinkles.  Good choice. 

Then we went to a birthday party at The Little Gym.  This is a great little gymnastics gym with balance beams, rings, uneven bars, and lots of mats to run and jump on. 

This was mostly what E looked like while he was there. 

Laying on the bouncy trampoline while it gets blown up.

Under the parachute.

After having some pizza and cake at the party, we came home for a light supper.  I made this asparagus, egg and bacon salad.  It was really yummy and E ate his up too. 

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