Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favourites

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As usual a few random favourite things from the past week.  Thanks for stopping by!

1.  I don't have a gym membership anymore, so I'm trying to work out more at home.  One of my favourite things of being at home is that I'm occasionally joined by Dave and E.  The other morning E came down while I was working out.  I was jumping rope and he was pretty impressed! He just stared at me smiling with his mouth open; it's nice to be thought of as so talented even if it's something simple.  Then he crawled on my back while I was trying to do push-ups.  I managed to do five with his little 40+ lb body on me.  

2.  Kelly Clarkson has always been one of my favourites.  This song came on the other day on Songza.  I love it.  I may not be the best singer but I sing with enthusiasm.

3. We made one of my favourite meals this week. We make Mix and Match Mama's recipe for Green Chile Chicken Baked Tacos often. I like tacos anyway, but this warm and crispy version is amazing!  E loves them too.  Try them, you never knew tacos could be this way.

4.  I read this clever article through a link on Facebook this week.  It is the best way to explain "consent" with the most perfect metaphor.  I won't spoil it, so click over and read. This is an important lesson to pass on to our kids, and this makes it really easy to understand. 

5.  One of my favourite things about this blog is that it's a way to remember our lives as time goes on, including all of those simple everyday happenings that may otherwise fade from memory.  One such example happened this week.  E sometimes comes into our bed in the middle of the night and sleeps with us.  He did that one night this week and I didn't think anything of it.  The next morning I realized he was wearing different pyjamas, and then I realized the ones he had been wearing were in a wet heap on the floor and that his bed was a little damp.  He had apparently wet his bed, got up, used his light, changed his pyjamas and then came to sleep with us.  I had no idea. 

Hope you have a great weekend, as Spring is making its way into our lives.  If you're off on March Break next week, enjoy it!!

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