Thursday, November 19, 2015

Want it Wednesday (on Thursday)

It has been a heavy week over here with Paris and thinking about those less fortunate so I'm going with a pretty light topic, shopping!  There is no theme here, just a random assortment of things I have been looking at online lately.

We are slowly replacing things in our living room. We repaired the ceiling and painted the walls.  Now we want to get a rug, a new couch and maybe another armchair. I went to Crate & Barrel the other day and saw this set up:
Our walls are a very light blue, so we want a blue and yellow colour scheme for the room with a very neutral couch.  Something similar to the cabinet in the back left would be good for our dining room too.

I also like this rug:

I feel like E is growing out of his carseat and now I'm wondering what to get for him.  When he was a baby and toddler, it was fairly easy to figure out what he needed.  Now that he is bigger and doesn't need the full fledged carseat, I'm trying to figure out what sort of booster seat is appropriate and safest.  I decided I would first look at the Britax options since that is the brand of his current carseat.

I like this one but I see it is for kids 40 lbs and over.  Since E is only just 40 lbs now, then maybe we should wait until he's a bit bigger.  I need to do some more research. 

I am always in need of more work clothes.  I bought a blouse at Loft last year that I really liked (their utility blouse) and I see they make it in other patterns.  This red one is nice, although I see it comes in other colours too.

When we were in Barcelona, I found a pair of sneakers that I loved.  I was going to buy them but they didn't have my size.  I looked in a few other places but couldn't find them.  when I got home I scoured the Nike website to figure out the style.  They were Pegasus '83 in a blue shade, indigo I think.  I don't think they are available anymore, but I am keeping my eye out for something similar.  Sneakers are more popular than they were a few years ago.  I noticed so many people wearing sneakers when we were away, people from different countries.  

Whenever I put on my sneakers I always think of Yuri Testikov on Seinfeld (the Russian writer whose book Elaine was editing) when he says (in his Russian accent) "You Americans and your sneakers, always running running running".  (This was the Marine Biologist episode by the way.)

See, random, told you!  Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. we like the britax frontier, booster but with 5 point harness. starts at 30 lbs i believe.

  2. i 2nd the britax frontier--and once he grows out of the harness (which has the largest (i believe) butt to top shoulder strap measurement of all the 5 point harnesses i measured (canada)), it also works as a booster (with a back). it's amazing. just remember that you probably need to use the belt to secure it, as your car has limits on the weight the latches can stand--i know our 40 lb toddler plus the weight of the seat was too heavy for the latch system in our car. we have the parkway for our oldest child, and like it, too, but my goal is to keep kids in 5 point harnesses for as long as possible, and the Frontier is great for that.