Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we got a sitter and went downtown to momofuku to meet some friends.  This is a fabulous restaurant with lots of terrific flavours. And our company was pretty good too.  

This photo didn't turn out as well as I thought it would.   We did have the best table in the place, right on the corner overlooking University with a lazy susan on the table to make sharing easier.

Crispy chicken bun, the best!  I am craving this now, can't wait to go back.

On Saturday E and I went out to rake leaves before he went to Sportball.  Then I walked up the street for some errands and my first Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks of the holiday season. When I took a sip, it tasted like Christmas!  After that we had a quick lunch and then went shopping.  We got a few Christmas gifts at Home Sense (and looked for living room rugs again, no luck), picked up a poster frame at Michael's, and ingredients for granola at Bulk Barn.  In the evening we watched Trainwreck.  It's pretty funny, I like Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.

On Saturday morning E and I got up early again.  I went and got groceries while Dave and E finished raking the leaves. 

Halloween and Christmas are overlapping.

After I got home we got on the subway to head to the Santa Claus Parade.   Last year when we went, it was way colder and we went early so we could find a good spot along the route.  It was not overly pleasant, but it was fine.  This year we decided we would leave the house at 12:30, when the parade actually started, and the line up along Bloor near Bathurst.  We knew we might miss a few floats but could see most of it and of course see Santa himself at the end.  Aside from trying to make our way through the crush of people, which was a major fail, we did get a pretty good spot right on the corner.  E was on Dave's shoulders anyway so he could see, and we eventually made our way to the front.  Since we were right on the corner we were able to dash to the subway as soon as Santa went by and made it home in really good time. 

I lent E my sunglasses, he's not usually that cool. 

Here he comes!

Waving at Santa

Home on the subway, this is E's "Blue Steel". I don't think he gets it.

Because it was so nice out we got a coffee and went to the park on the way home.  I made steak tacos for supper and they were absolutely delicious.  

Marinading while we were out.

Christmas is slowly making itself known at this house.  We delivered our invitation to our 2nd annual Christmas party to our neighbours, we watched Elf, and dug out the Christmas books.  

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