Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favourites

Another great week of hot weather! 

So far this summer (all two weeks of it), I have spent a bit of extra time in the morning to drink my coffee, watch some TV and drive in to work a little later than normal. Hey, it's summer right?!  This was my breakfast on Monday on the couch, just lovely. 

When I picked up E from camp once this week, I caught this pretty butterfly and snapped a picture.

On the weekend I made these tasty tarts.  The fresh raspberries really made them. 

On Wednesday when it was about 35 degrees Celsius (or 40 with the humidity) we headed to the Sunnyside Pool after supper and then walked around by the beach, the playground and got a popsicle from the ice cream truck.  My favourite things about summer!

He is braver than I am!!

We made some yummy ice cream sandwiches this week.  Try them!

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  1. Sitting down to eat breakfast! That is wonderful! Enjoy this routine. Wow, E looks like he has shot up in ht. It is really neat that you can be on the beach in downtown Toronto!

  2. This post is screaming summer and makes me so happy. I really need to make some ice cream sandwiches!!