Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favourites

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We are on holidays next week, I can't wait!  We are not going away, just doing fun things around Toronto.  The weather looks promising and we will have lots to do. 

E was out of town this week with his grandparents so Dave and I took the opportunity to go out to eat every night.  One of the places we tried was a new brewery, Bandit Brewery.  It is a neat place and although I didn't get to partake in the beer, the freshly baked pretzels were pretty good!

The raccoon logo is very fitting for Toronto. 

I also found what I think is the best restaurant in Toronto, Buca, on King West.  I have been wanting to go here since before E was born and we finally got there.  Everything was amazing and I can't wait to go back (5 years from now, haha). 

If I never hear about Pokemon Go again, it would be too soon.  I wish I could somehow filter my social media so I never have to read about it, but(!) I was happy to read this story that someone posted on Facebook. 

As per my post on Wednesday, I would like to share another article with you.  This one was written by a Nova Scotia lawyer about how ambition doesn't look the same for everyone.  I loved the line that said some of her goals include trying new summer recipes and making it to her dance class.  I have similar goals and achieving them doesn't advance my career as a lawyer (or maybe it does because I'm more well rounded, and less subject to burn out? I don't know).  We all want to "have it all" but obviously "all" is different for everyone.  I think I'm doing pretty well, but my "failure" to be a partner yet, even though some of my fellow law school graduates are, doesn't mean I've slumped in my career/life.  We can't put everyone on the same spectrum and compare because that would be impossible.

Happy Friday!!

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