Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

We spent a lot of time in High Park this weekend, we are glad to be so close to this beautiful park.  Friday was E's last day of Eco Camp at High Park so we decided to have breakfast there at the Grenadier Cafe.  We had a much better time than this photo shows.  

After work I picked up E from camp.  I waited for him to finish playing in the sandbox and then we went to the splash pad for a bit and then we got some french fries for dinner. 

While I waited for Dave to get home from golf I started re-watching Mad Men.  A lot happens in the first couple of episodes, and a lot of foreshadowing.  I can't wait to watch more.  
On Saturday morning we walked up to enjoy the Bloor West Kids Fest.  They have some bouncy castles, face painting and a stage show.  We started waiting in line for face painting and then E says he doesn't want his face painted, so we said "okay, let's go" and then he said "no, I want my arm painted, and I want a marigold".  Okay kid, sure thing!!  I guess the High Park Eco Camp rubbed off on him.

After that we got some lunch at The Swan, a Firkin pub.  I've always been opposed to Firkin Pubs and have avoided them in the past, but the food was pretty good, and the roof top patio was great.

E playing with the ribbons and hula hoops. He had such a good time!

In the afternoon we went to visit some friends in Scarborough for a BBQ.  I forgot to take any pictures as usual.  

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed some pancakes with Dave's parents, and then we went to High Park again.  We got some lunch, watched the little league game, and E went to the splash pad again.   It was a nice day but not hot and humid as it has been.

Then E went off to Grandma and Papa's for a week. He will have fun there and Dave and I have plans to go out for dinner a few times.  We'll go to get him on Friday. 

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  1. Great to see your summer family fun! That was quite the marigold arm painting! Love that he asked for it.