Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favourites

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This week was filled with my favourites - holiday from work, hot weather, Toronto attractions, etc.  This is what we've been up to.

On Monday E practiced his fishing skills off the deck

Then I grabbed a venti iced coffee and we headed to the splash pad and playground at Marie Curtis Park.

On Tuesday, we picked up one of E's friends and we took the ferry over to the Toronto Islands.  I know people know about the Toronto Islands, but I also feel like they don't know how great it is.  There is a beautiful beach where you can swim, a big playground and splash pad, bikes and boats to rent, and of course the Centre Island amusement park, and there's more!

An absolutely beautiful day!

This is Dave and the boys on the flume ride.

Dave's view of the ride.

E's favourite part, the pony ride.

And another highlight, the roller coaster that they could go on by themselves.  And it wasn't that busy so they got to go on five times in a row!

Train ride

After Centre Island we went down to the beach.  We want to come back and just spend the day here.  

On Wednesday, Dave's parents and sister came through town so we got tickets to the matinee Jays game.  It was H-O-T!! Luckily, at about the 6th inning, we got some shade from the lights behind us and it was bearable.  It was still really nice to be out and enjoying the summer weather.  

On Thursday, we did some things around the house in the morning and then Dave went golfing.  E and I went to the Dufferin Grove Park where I have been wanting to check out for awhile.  The play area is fabulous.   A huge sand pit complete with real metal shovels and bridge building supplies, not to mention a playground and wading pool.  E spent most of the time in the sand pit.  They also have a farmer's market on Thursday afternoons so we walked over to check it out, no peaches though.   It was a pleasant afternoon in the shade. 

A lot of people, but no problem finding a spot to set up our towels.

Just a little muddy!

Today we are going to the zoo, I'll share that trip next week in Weekend Recap.

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  1. What a super vacation week in Toronto! Lucky boys to go on all those rides on Toronto Centre Island.