Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Food Goals

Last year I did a post on Summer Food Goals - things I wanted to make sure we enjoyed before the summer was over.  We did pretty well so I decided to do another post like that:

Caribbean Boiled Corn - I read about this on a fellow Ontario blogger's site.  I have only ever had corn boiled/steamed in regular water with some sugar thrown in.  This recipe looks so tasty.  I think the Ontario corn is just about here so we will definitely be trying this recipe!

Peach Crisp - Again, the Ontario peaches should be out very soon and then we will make this yummy dessert.  

BBQ'd Steak, Mushrooms and Green Beans - my favourite meal. I am not supposed to eat rare meat while pregnant, but I'm sure I can manage medium and still be okay.  I trust the meat market where we get our steaks.  

And we will continue with lots of fresh berries and other produce, they taste so good at this time of year!

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  1. All good recipes- especially the first one 😀. Let me know how it turns out