Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Recap

Whew! What a long weekend and a fun one!  We already had the Friday off for Canada Day but we also took Thursday off for an extra long weekend.   We went camping at Algonquin Park at the same campsite we went to last year, Pog Lake.  Our friends met us there on Friday.  

In the car and ready to go on Thursday morning.  E actually got car sick shortly after this photo was taken but we were able to easily pull off at a truck stop and clean him up.  He had just done too many car games before we got too far and the colouring and drawing got the better of him.  

Like last year, we stopped at Weber's for a cheeseburger and fries.  I love this tradition. 

Then after a quick stop at the new Beer Store in Huntsville, we enjoyed our second tradition of an ice cream cone at the Kawartha Dairy on Highway 60.

We set up our tent at our campsite and headed down to the beach.  It was a beautiful day.

We made some campfire nachos for supper and they were so tasty!!

Waiting for them to cook

Just one burnt corner, but otherwise a success!

The next morning we had an easy breakfast of muffins, yoghurt, and cereal in little boxes.  The best part was little clean up.

Happy Canada Day!

We were expecting some rain later in the day so we wanted to get down to the beach right away.  We all went swimming

But then the rains came, starting at 11:30.  We enjoyed our new spacious tent and I made lunch while E and Dave played cards.  Then we all had some quiet time. Although E doesn't really nap, he did rest a little bit and then worked on his math workbook.  The rain didn't let up all day :( but our tent held up well. 

Our friends arrived during a brief break in the rain so they were able to get their tent up and then we set up their tarp so we could make supper and enjoy the fire. 

S'mores make everything better!

Sparklers for Canada Day!

Everyone else was putting kids to bed so I enjoyed the fire by myself.

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Saturday because my phone was not fully charged and I usually left it behind.  I did get this one of the brave chipmunk who scampered around our site looking for breakfast scraps.  He even tried to climb up my back to get to the bowl of nuts. I just about lost my mind!! 

The weather was not great on Saturday.  It was sunny but so windy so the beach wasn't that enjoyable.  We had a nice sheltered campsite but the kids wanted to be at the beach.  We still went swimming and not too bad when the sun was out but it could have been much better. 

The boys rented a canoe and took the boys out for a post-dinner ride. 

I always love to take photos of the trees above my heads.

On Sunday morning after breakfast, they went out in the canoe again while the moms cleaned up our site to get ready to go home.  It was another breezy day down by the beach but we still enjoyed the sunshine. 

Love this guy!

Before we left we roasted all of our leftover hotdogs for lunch, packed the cars and then headed home.  The traffic wasn't too bad and we were home just after 6:00.  We definitely like this campsite and we are getting more familiar with the sites and which ones would be the best to book.  There are some that have access to the water which is nice but are still nice and protected from the wind, we will try for one for one of those next time.  We go camping with these same friends at the end of the summer at a different campground, and we are looking forward to that!!

Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day weekend as much as we did!

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  1. A real Canadian outdoor adventure....complete with chipmunk (lol) and canoe! Glad you had a great time!