Monday, September 19, 2016

Come On In... to the Baby's Room

We have made a lot of progress on this room over a relatively short period of time.  First the room needed its plaster on the walls and ceiling fixed, then Dave had to sand down and fix the baseboards, and then paint.  

We had a good idea of what we wanted for furniture, and only had to buy one item (and we took E's dresser, so we had to buy him a new dresser), so that was pretty lucky.  

So now we are ready to show you the room where we will welcome home our second son. 

This is a new piece, a sideboard from Ikea, but I liked that it was at the right height for a change table, had lots of shelves for books and other things, and had some nice style.   Our cloth diaper bin is ready to go.

The crib that we had for E, it is from Pottery Barn, along with the bedding.

Ikea dresser.  Giraffe and blue lamp with antlers are from Homesense.  The chair is a Joya Rocker from Monte Design and the ottoman came with it and has storage for our blankets. Quilt was made for E by my high school best friend's mother.

This is unfortunately blurry, but gives you the idea.  The empty frame (also from Homesense) will house a photo of our new family of four.

Mobile from Toys R Us (five years ago), and the new cuddly pal for the baby is from Pottery Barn.  E says we can't call him "Cuddly Pal" or as he pronounces it "Cuddy Cal".  So we'll have to think of something else, perhaps "Snuggly Friend"?

The closet got a new coat of paint and some new shelves on both sides.  The hooks were already there and will come in handy.  I found that I never really hung anything up with E was a baby, so we decided to forgo the closet bar for hangers. 

View of the neighbour's backyard.  I bought these curtains when I lived in Saint John, and I think I got them at K-Mart way back then.  Now they match the room and are nice and dark to keep the light out. 

Just an idea of what we started with...

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