Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stranded With...

Today we are stranded with movies.  I had a really hard time narrowing this down to three movies, but finally decided on these ones.

Almost Famous
This movie has a lot of great elements, great music, comedy, a touching story, and good character development.  I like this movie more every time I watch it.  

Dirty Dancing
Another movie that I don't think I could ever be sick of, and I already know most of the dialogue off by heart.  Maybe I could actually learn the dance if I saw it enough times, and had unlimited time to learn it. 

Ever After
This is sort of an obscure choice but I can never resist this movie when I see it on TV.  I used to own it in VHS and I remember it always made me feel better.  There is beautiful dialogue and the music is also very lovely.  I'm not a huge fan of Drew Barrymore, but I love her in this movie.  

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