Thursday, September 15, 2016

Packing for the hospital

I have seen multiple lists about what to pack for the hospital, and they are all different, so here is mine to add to the mix!

Because I am having a scheduled c-section, I know exactly when I am going in, how long I will be there, and what the process will be.  This helps to streamline what will go into my hospital bag.

This is my bag, a lululemon gym bag.  I've had this for a few years and it is a good size for a weekend with lots of extra pockets.

Things that will be going into this bag:

Minimal toiletries - contact lenses and solution, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, brush, lip gloss, cream, hair elastics.  I don't need makeup, extra hair products, or much else besides the basics.  I did shower once at the hospital because I was there for two nights.

Comfy clothes - I will wear yoga pants and sweater to the hospital in the morning, and I will probably wear the same thing home.  I just wore the hospital gown and housecoat while I was there, and I didn't need my own pyjamas, although some people may feel more comfortable in those.  And of course I'll need a scarf!  You don't need to bring underwear because they hospital gives you the stretchy ones that you'll want to wear home (and try to grab a few extra pairs to bring with you!).

Nursing supplies - bra, pads, lanolin.  That's really it.  The hospital has pillows for you to use, you don't need the cover (trust me, all modesty goes out the window when you have nurses helping you breastfeed), and your milk doesn't really come in until after you leave, so the pump isn't necessary, but the hospital has pumps if you really need one.

Baby stuff - going home outfit, extra blanket, car seat, hat.  You don't need a lot of clothes because the baby is wrapped in a blanket most of the time (which the hospital has plenty of).  They also have lots of diapers, wipes and cream.  Some lists say to bring a soother but when you're breastfeeding, it is recommended you don't use a soother for about a month, so you certainly don't need a soother in your hospital bag.

Other - Camera, phone charger, health card, ID.  Leave rings and other jewelry at home.  You won't need any reading material or other things to keep you busy.   I happen to like hospital food so I probably won't bring a lot of snacks with me, but my hospital has a Second Cup so I will be able to get a good cup of coffee at some point.


  1. Getting close!! Great list. I did need to send for my pump as the hospital wanted to rent me theirs at a crazy price

  2. FYI - surprise, there is a chance that the hospital will not supply diapers, cream etc. for the baby. When we had our girls, we had to bring everything we would need for the baby (including blankets!)

    Of course, this is NB - so perhaps it is different in Ontario.

    1. Ahh!! I had better check, things may be different than 5 years ago!! And I'm at a different hospital this time. Thanks for the head's up!