Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is three things you can't live without. 

The most obvious one is my phone.  I very rarely leave it at home, and it is usually right next to me when I am at home.  Of course I use it for texting and emailing, but I check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter constantly.  I also need it to take photos.  I don't actually speak on the phone that much, but obviously that is important too.  I also like to check the weather, blogs, IMDB, and other things.  When travelling to places other than work, I usually use Google maps to find out the quickest route and traffic.  I listen to podcasts, and I use Apple Pay for my debit and credit cards.   I set reminders and notes, and calendar events.  I don't play games on it, but when I am bored and have run through my social media accounts, I will browse Pinterest.  

Rose Gold iPhone 6S (complete with cracked screen)

The next one is water.  Another obvious one, but I always make sure I have water by my bed, on my desk, and I usually bring a bottle of water with me when leaving the house.  Whenever I am at a meeting and someone offers me water, I usually accept because you never know if you'll need it not.  My answer to every ailment is to drink more water, it is often a cure for most problems.   I have two bottles that I use often. 

I have this water bottle (although mine has rubber around the middle) that I use at home, take to yoga, and take in the car.

And I have this one from Starbucks that I have on my desk at work.

And the third thing I cannot live without is a scarf.  Although this summer I have not needed one as often, I usually have a scarf in my bag.  I hate being cold so I always want to make sure that I have something to wrap around my neck or shoulders.  They are also useful if I have to sit in the sun and need to protect my shoulders from the rays when I don't have sunscreen on.  Our car has black leather seats, so I sit on the scarf when getting into the car on a hot day and I'm wearing a skirt or shorts.  I also share my scarf with E when we are travelling and he wants to have a snooze.  I have many scarves of various colours, sizes and designs.  They are all great for different reasons.  

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