Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

We bookended our summer with camping trips, Canada Day weekend was spent at Algonquin and our Labour Day weekend was spent at the Pinery.  Both times we spent three nights at the campground which was a good amount of time. 

Last Thursday we left mid-morning and drove to Stratford for lunch.  We found a little poutine spot, where we also let E try pop for the first time, and then went for a little walk by the river.  Stratford is a beautiful town and it would be nice to go back and spend the day there. 

Salsa poutine (I had the regular poutine)

We traveled cross country to the campground, saw lots of farmland and animals.  E wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, but on this trip he decided he wants to be a farmer, and maybe a pilot.  We told him he could all three if he really wanted to.  He could be a farmer, fly his own plane to crop-dust, and be a volunteer firefighter in his town.  He thought that sounded okay, and when he saw farm equipment for sale along the way, he was already picking out what he would need. 

We checked into our campsite but waited for our friends before setting up, and headed to the beach instead. 

The waves were huge and loud

After setting up and supper, Dave and E headed back to the beach for these pretty pictures.

S'mores around the fire, mmm.

Attempted selfie with E

The next morning, everyone went for a bike ride, and since I am not riding a bike this summer, I stayed behind in the quiet campsite, enjoyed my coffee, cleaned up our dishes and tent, and went to get ice and firewood.  It was a very pleasant morning.

The bike riders had a great time, and E greatly improved his bike riding skills

On my drive I saw wild turkeys

And this this car, we accelerate (and aim) for snakes, but I didn't see any

After the bike ride and before lunch, we went down to the beach for a little bit.  The waves were still quite big but it was nice and warm

After lunch we played some bocce ball and then went back to the beach.  I played in the waves, which was probably not very smart for someone who is 34 weeks pregnant, and I got beat up a little  bit (although it was super fun at the time!). 

Another campfire with more treats

I guess I didn't take any pictures on our last couple of days, but it was basically bike rides, beach, and campfires, repeat. 

On the way home, E rocked out to some AC/DC

On Monday, I did laundry and grocery shopping (at the Maple Leaf Gardens' Loblaws, the only store open on the holiday), Dave sanded and painted in the baby's room, E watched a lot of TV (Season 3 of Paw Patrol!) and played in his pool.

A little walk up the street for me, and an iced latte, yum.

Great end of summer weekend.  


  1. Great pictures of your fun long weekend. I liked those ones of the sky and waves at the beach.

  2. I love your blog! But, um, you were just kidding about the deliberately trying to kill snakes thing, right?

    Enjoy the lovely weather (it's COLD here on the prairies)