Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Goals

My goals for August were:

1. Enjoy the last few weeks as a family of three.
What did this mean?  Personally, it meant that I cherished the time when I could read to E before bed and spend some extra time laying down with him before he went to sleep, or sitting beside him on the couch to watch a TV show.  Beach day without a baby was also very fun!

2. Build the crib, buy a dresser, and wash some baby clothes.
I have not done this yet because the baby's room is still being fixed up; the plaster guys are done this week and Dave has started the trim with painting to follow.  Progress with laundering the baby clothes and building furniture will happen very soon.

3. Make some pies with fresh Ontario produce.
I made a lovely peach pie, and we have enjoyed fresh berries pretty much every morning for our breakfast. 

4. Get E ready for Senior Kindergarten.
His backpack and lunch bag are washed, he has new shoes and clothes, we've picked out his first day of school outfit, we have lots of new containers for lunch, and he is excited to go back and learn French.  Now if only the school would send a letter telling us what classroom he is in!! I guess we will figure this out on the first day.

5. Book a hair appointment.
Done.  I'll go between my last day of work and my delivery date.

Goals for September

1. Get the baby's room complete (this has to happen anyway so I should be successful at this).
2. Read my book club book and the one that I've been working on since my birthday.
3. Move my jewelry from the old dresser that was once in the baby's room and organize it in my room somewhere.
4. Start planning E's birthday party (I know his birthday is two months away but we will be busy and I know it will sneak up on me!)
5. Make sure E's superhero costume fits him so I know if I need to buy him another Halloween costume.

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