Monday, September 12, 2016

Office Tour

In honour of my last day of work coming up, I thought I would show you my office where I spend most of week.  

The photo does not do my view justice, but I get to see the skyline of Toronto and Lake Ontario.  This side of the building has the best view in the office. 

A few signs on the wall

The top of my filing cabinet.  Photos and a basket for ongoing files.

Bulletin board with phone numbers and photos

My law school graduating class photo and some of my textbooks and printed legislation that I use often

Yes, that's a bowling trophy.  I won highest female score a few years ago at our annual bowling night, I have yet to defend this title. 

I will be going to work after my maternity leave, and I will look forward to it.  I don't think I am meant to stay at home, but I will enjoy my time off while I have it.

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