Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap

I finished up work on Friday so we celebrated with some delivery pizza.   On Saturday I did some errands down the street and Dave worked on his office in the basement.  E had his first Sportball session in the morning and then he went to a school friend's house to play for a couple of hours.  While he was gone, I made a salad to take to our friends' house for supper.  I featured it on last Thursday's post.  We had a lovely meal with our friends at their new house.  They have three kids so E was well entertained.  I love visiting with old good friends, it is always so comfortable.  We are all so busy in our lives right now so we are happy to have time to visit every once in awhile.  (As you can see I took zero pictures on Saturday).

On Sunday morning we woke up to a sunny morning and I snapped this photo of my mug.  This photo turned out to be somewhat ironic.  I wasn't really the "Best Mom Ever" when I yelled at E to get dressed for church, and then went to church without him because he was being so slow, and then it turned out he wasn't feeling well and actually threw up later.  Oops.  Not sure what was wrong with him, maybe too much rich food the night before but I should have been easier on him. 

After church and a trip to the grocery store, we did stuff around the house.  Dave cleaned pretty much the entire house, and I did a bit of organizing and then made our supper.  E spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. 

Simple fall decorations

A little too close to the iPad there buddy!

My "houseboy" doing some cleaning, he doesn't mess around, couch moved, chairs up. 

A nice fall stew ready for the oven

We finished off our evening watching The People vs. OJ Simpson.  I never got to see it when it was originally on TV, but we are able to watch on iTunes which is good.  I was obsessed with this trial when it was happening so I'm really enjoying the show.  It deserved those Emmys. 

Big weekend of sports too: Jays won, Packers won (with Dave's cousin in attendance at Lambeau, so jealous!), and then Rory's big win.  Sad to see that Arnold Palmer had died though. 

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  1. I'm loving how Dave did the cleaning.... Can he come here next? And yeah I totally have gotten mad with my kids only to discover they weren't feeling well after- oh the mom guilt!