Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Talk - September

Today's topic is Entertainment - our favourite books, movies, magazines, blogs, etc. 

I am always reading something, I usually have my book club book and another book on the go.  I used to have to finish a book before I started a new one, but that wasn't practical when I have a deadline for finishing my book club book or if a book is due back at the library.   My favourite kinds of books are novels by Canadian authors who have been shortlisted or won some sort of prize, like the Giller Prize.  I also like books by mainstream authors like Liane Moriarty, Elin Hildenbrand, etc., but I don't get to read those often.  I also like the odd non-fiction book but only if they have been recommended to me. 

I love Oscar nominee movies and other mainstream ones that are dramatic or romantic comedies.  I do not like horror movies or obscure science fiction.  I shared by top three favourite movies here and those are a good example of what I like.  Other movies I love are The Wolf of Wall Street, The Departed, and The Great Gatsby (hmm, Leonardo DiCaprio fan much?). 

We typically just watch shows on HBO and Netflix, and sports.  I will watch more TV while I am on maternity leave, but it will mostly consist of a lot of HGTV and Food Network.  

I don't buy a lot of magazines but when I do pick one up, the ones I pick are House and Home, Today's Parent, Toronto Life, or Women's Health.
If someone on my Twitter has shared an article from The Atlantic or The New Yorker, I usually read it, they do a great job.  

I listen to two podcasts on a regular basis - This American Life and the Jay and Dan Podcast (the former TSN anchors who are now in California working for Fox Sports One).  They are completely different but keep me entertained on my way to work and back. 

I read about 8 blogs a day:
(and others that I find through Instagram and link ups)
Most people post on a daily basis and I love reading about their lives and learning about new things.

I'm linking up with two of those bloggers today for this link up party:
Andrea and Erika


  1. We have such similar taste in magazines! This is a fun link up. I'll have to do it later today!