Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Recap

What a wonderful Christmas we had.  It is always over too quickly but we will take the magic created in this season to sustain us throughout the year.  My parents arrived on the Wednesday before Christmas.  We had some snow and Mom and E made a snowman when he got home from school. We got this snowman kit a few years ago and it has worked well.  

They also brought some lobster with them that we cooked up on Thursday night.  E got his own and he enjoyed it, mostly he enjoyed getting the meat out of the legs

I also made this panettone bread pudding.  This was a Jamie Oliver recipe from his Christmas cookbook and TV special.  It was so good and kept in the fridge for a few days so enjoy for breakfast or with mid-afternoon coffee.  I will be making this again next year!

Before being put in the oven (I had extra so I made two small ones)

After - oozy bread pudding goodness with chocolate and marmalade. 

Because my shopping was done and my gifts wrapped, I could spend some time reading on the couch while E was still at school and Q was napping.

On Friday night we ordered Chinese food and then Dave and I went to see Rogue One

On Saturday we continued our work on our puzzle.  

Christmas Eve service. 

When we got home we had a great spread of food - bacon wrapped scallops, oysters, cranberry baked brie, sausage rolls, vegetables and dip, and cheese and crackers.  Christmas Eve is my favourite part of the whole season.  E went to bed a little late for him, but still at a good time, thanks to the Santa Tracker. 

The oyster he had was a little big and he had a hard time swallowing it, but he still liked it. 

Leaving some treats for Santa

Then it was Christmas morning, we were all very spoiled!

This year I didn't do a special breakfast just for Christmas morning because we had leftover frittata from the day before and leftover bread pudding.  Mom cut up this fruit and made coffee and that was plenty of food. 

Helping Q with his gifts

Unwrapping the Paw Patroller

The aftermath

I love turkey dinner, although I don't like making it.  Luckily my mom was here to help me out.  We had a lovely turkey topped with bacon, glazed carrots, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy.  

After everything was cleaned up, we made a couple of martinis and relaxed

Watching some Christmas movies on boxing day with hot chocolate and popcorn

On one walk E decided to wear the hat from the snowman

This was E's favourite gift, Poe's X-Wing Lego set.  When people ask him what he got for Christmas, he always says "Poe's X-Wing". 

We also went skating in High Park before the weather got too mild, although we only have videos of this and not photos. 


  1. A wonderful Christmas, indeed! Lovely photos and many happy memories shared with you. Lots of Love!

  2. loved viewing your Christmas, it really looked like fun and a nice visit with your mom!