Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' it Wednesday

Yay, a new link up!!  Thanks Shay and Erika!  You can read the description above, so you get the idea.  The first topic is New Year's Goals.  

One of my goals is to make a cleaning schedule. Since I'm off work right now, I can do some cleaning during the days rather than doing it all on the weekends.  Rather than winging it, I do better if I have a schedule so I know what I'm supposed to do on a certain day.  I considered what else we have going on, for example, on days I go to the gym, I don't want a big cleaning task, and when we like to have certain clean laundry.  It is also not written in stone so I can make adjustments.  These are more "guidelines" really.  This is the first week so we'll see how it goes. (Full disclosure, not perfectly because sometimes shovelling snow zaps your energy for vacuuming, so I've already made a change to my original plan, revised version below)  And if I don't get to something one day, I'll just do it the following day.

Everyday - Make beds, Tidy clothes in rooms, Wipe counters and chairs, Sweep main level, Dishes

Monday - Bathrooms

Tuesday - Dust and clean mirror and windows, collect garbage

Wednesday - Vacuum and mop basement

Thursday - Vacuum and mop main level and upstairs, Q's laundry

Friday - E's laundry, My laundry

Weekend - one or more of the following, on a rotating basis, as required:
Wipe outside of cupboards, organize and wipe out insides
Clean microwave
Clean fridge 
Wipe out/down washer and dryer
Wipe down doors
Clean out recycling bin and organics bin

Sunday - Wash sheets, bath towels, dish towels 

I've also assigned some of these tasks to E to help with.  He can clean the mirror and windows, take the sheets off of his bed and put them in the washer, and he can put away his laundry (he could probably fold it too but my laundry OCD can't surrender this task yet).  Dave will help out with the everyday and weekend tasks.

(And no, I don't want to hire a cleaning lady.)

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