Thursday, January 26, 2017

Monthly Goals - February

My goals for January were:

Swap out Q's clothes with some bigger sizes.  Done.  We have moved into the 6 month clothing, Q is growing like a weed. 

Get our vaccinations for our trip to Jamaica.  I did not do this.  It was really just laziness on my part, but I'm also just hoping for the best because we will be at a nice resort and not planning to leave it.   I know that hope is not a strategy, but here we are. 

Go for a run or two.  I went for one run and it was good.  Since I go to the gym three days a week and then we have skiing on another day, my days to run are limited.  I'll try again next month. 

Try some new recipes from the cookbooks I got for Christmas.  Done.  I have made several meals from Jamie Oliver's Family Classics cookbook. 

Get a babysitter and go out for dinner with Dave.  We are going to The Keg tomorrow.  Our babysitter lives in the neighbourhood so it is super convenient.  Hopefully it will work out well and we can go out at least once a month.  

Clean the light fixtures in our house. Done.  They were so dusty but now look so shiny.  

For February, I want to do the following:

1. Do something special for Valentine's Day for the whole family.  
2. Start putting together some ideas for decorating our living room.  With the Christmas decorations gone, it looks like we are moving out. 
3. Take E out for lunch on a school day. 
4. Plan a girls' night out with the ladies in my neighbourhood.
5. Go for two or three runs.
6. Plan our summer.  Registration for camps is in March, so I will need to figure out what camps E will go to and if we will take any trips.  

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