Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

As predicted last week, our winter weekends will be relatively the same, and that's fine!  On Friday afternoon, Q and I headed up to get some food and other things.  This is us in the elevator at Shoppers. 

We made some pizzas.  This month's edition of Chirp magazine included some recipes from around the world.  For Italy they had pizzas that you could cut into shapes using a cookie cutter or knife.  We just did regular shapes cut with a knife.  We're going to send the photos to Chirp and see if we can get mentioned in a future edition. 

On Saturday, we headed to the hill again.  I skied in the morning and Dave stayed inside with Maya Angelou Q.

In the afternoon, Dave took E out for some runs.  Dave's Garmin watch tracks their route, they were all over the place!

We were all tired when we got home.  I made a yummy meal of a chicken and potato skillet and then it was time for bed.  A few attempts of some photos in bed, this is the best I could do.

Dave and I watched Deepwater Horizon, the movie based on the BP oil rig explosion and leak, it was pretty good, better than expected.

On Sunday morning, we did our usual routines of a run for Dave and church for the rest of us.  Afterwards, we had some lunch at a new coffee shop up the street, picked up some groceries, E bought me a cupcake from Bake Sale, and then he got himself and Dave pastries from Ana's Bakery. When we got back we watched the Green Bay game (insert sad face here), and after the boys went to bed we watched the Raptors game and Girl on the Train. 

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  1. Love all the pictures. That pizza looks great! And wow! That was a big day of skiing. No wonder you were all tired.