Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Recap

A fairly low key weekend, and I think a good blueprint for what many of our winter weekends will look like.  On Friday evening I made a turkey pot pie and then we watched some new episodes of Homeland.  Then it was up bright and early to go skiing.  We are doing lessons at the same place as last year and we know a few different families that are up there too.  

Car selfie on the 400

Since it was the first week, I wanted to get a lay of the land and decided not to ski this time.  Instead Q and I hung out in lodge while E had his lesson and Dave skied with our friends.  They came in for lunch and then decided to head out for the afternoon.  We were fine inside, but it was a long day of sitting for me, so I went for a short run when we got back to the city.  Next week I will ski in the morning and then Dave will ski in the afternoon with E.  I'll also bring the carrier with me so Q and I can walk around outside too. 

This was my view on Sunday morning while they boys watched Paw Patrol.  

Then Q and E and I went to church.  I had E find the hymns in the book, matching them to the numbers up on the wall, he's getting the hang of it. 

In the afternoon, I went to a visitation at the funeral home for our neighbour and then did some errands.  Dave and E had a pillow fight, a nerf fight, and watched Fire and Rescue.  I finished off the afternoon (and into the evening) watching the recorded Green Bay game, what a win!  See you next week Atlanta. 

A pretty easy and fun weekend. 

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  1. We have our bigger girl in ski as well! Those mellow low key weekends are awesome