Thursday, January 12, 2017

Three Things...

Three things that are going on with each of us at the moment:

Q (3 and half months)
1. Drooling and chewing on his hands, teeth must be on their way.
2. Laughing.  We always get big smiles, but he's recently starting laughing too.
3. Playing in our borrowed exersaucer.  He's little in it, but he isn't unhappy so he sits there for short periods at a time.

1. New snowsuit.  He was still fitting in his old one but it was looking a little uncomfortable and dirty.

2. He started skating lessons this week.  He has gone with me a few times but needs the lessons to really progress. 
3. He started his next session of swimming lessons and after the first one, the instructor said he was too advanced for the class.  I'm trying to see if I an get him into another class but if not, then he'll just have to go back to the one we originally signed him up for.  I see the swimming lessons as more of time in the pool where he has fun, so if he doesn't learn anything new this time, I'm okay with it. 

1. Lots of running even in the cold and snowy weather.

2. Getting our ski stuff ready for the weekend.  He'll get the ski racks on the car, and pack it all up on Saturday morning when we're ready to head to the hill. 
3. New pants.  He wanted something to wear around that aren't jeans and aren't really sweatpants or track pants, so when we went to the mall last weekend, he found a pair of Under Armour joggers.  They looks comfy and I want a pair! (as if I don't have enough comfy pants)

1. Trying new recipes from Jamie Oliver's cookbooks.

2. Trying to keep up with my cleaning schedule
3. Working out three days a week and trying to avoid treats during the day.

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