Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

It was a cold day on Friday but we warmed things up around here by making tacos including tortillas from scratch!  In my new cookbook, Jamie Oliver's Classic Family Meals, he included this recipe.  The tortillas are just flour and water (duh!) and some oil and salt, and they cook up really quickly in a hot pan.  We will definitely be making these again!

After Q and E went to bed, we watched The Infiltrator.  It was the $0.99 movie on iTunes, but it was pretty good. 

On Saturday morning we got up and went to MEC to buy a few things - some new long underwear, some buffs for skiing, and some Clif bars. 

E pushed the stroller around the store. 

Then we drove out to Mississauga for a birthday party for one of E's classmates.  We dropped him off at the indoor playground/arcade and then we went to the mall for lunch and a little shopping.  When we picked him up, he was playing this games, it involved shooting a huge spider.

Awkward - Q and Frances Fox have matching outfits

When we got home we made tea lattes and watched Beauty and the Beast. I can quote most of the dialogue by heart (hence the Best Mom Ever mug).

Another set of matching pyjamas!  E already had his and friends gave us these for Q (still a little big, but they work!).

Our Saturday night involved the Raptors game and me reading Tripadvisor reviews of the resort we are going to in February.  I always love reading the bad reviews, because some complaints are legit, but others are so ridiculous, some people can never be pleased. 

On Sunday morning Dave got up for his run in the cold, while I stayed cozy at home with E and Q.  I made this omelette that tasted better than it looked in the pan, although the colours are still pretty. 

I worked on our puzzle and then got everyone ready for church. 

After church we stopped in at our friends' house to borrow an exersaucer for (which by the way E says makes babies into sauce).  Q is still a little too small for it, but I propped him up with some blankets, and put some books under his feet so he could touch.  He did think it was an interesting experience!

Despite the cold, we went out for a walk, and it actually wasn't that bad once we got moving.  E got his haircut, some new books at the library, and a strawberry tart.  I got some ingredients for supper.  When we got back, I told E he should show his new books to Q.  He obliged for about 30 seconds before going back to watching his show on the iPad (I was watching Green Bay on the TV), but I did get this photo.

We finished off our night with the Raptors and the Golden Globes.


  1. It is great to see all these pictures of E and Q together. I see Q was even supervising the taco production! He looks keen to learn from his big brother.

  2. I love reading trip advisor reviews too! Jeff has this awesome voice he puts on to read the negative ones. Good times!