Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bulk Barn Favourites

We have often visited the Bulk Barn for various things but now that there is one within walking distance of our house, we make a few more trips.  The Bulk Barn is like Costco in a way, there are a lot of choices and some at cheaper prices, the challenge is to not get carried away buying everything.  I don't buy everything that we use there, I still get my flour, sugar, pasta, coffee beans, and cereal at the grocery store, but here are some of the things that I do buy there:

Trail Mix - there are several varieties but my favourite is Hungry Hungry Hippie.  I also buy chocolate chips and shredded coconut to add to it.

Toppings for my yoghurt - I like to eat plain yoghurt with berries for breakfast and lately I've been topping it with ground chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut, and cocao nibs, all of which I get at Bulk Barn.

Spices - I have the large Club House brand bottles of spices, but when they get empty I can buy replacements at Bulk Barn to fill up the bottles I already have.

Ingredients for our granola - We make this a couple of times a year and we can get everything in one place in the amounts we need them.

Popcorn - We make our popcorn on the stove so we need the kernels rather than buying the microwave bags.  There are also several flavours of popcorn seasoning that Dave likes to add to his popcorn.

Candy - This is more Dave's and E's purchase, but I will pick up some of my favourites occasionally (red nibs, chocolate covered pretzels)

Ringolos - For some reason I feel better buying a few of these at a time rather than buying a full bag of them at the store.

Nuts for snacking or for recipes - They have almost every kind of nut there, some roasted and salted and others raw.  It is nice to buy only what I need rather than buying a whole bag of them that will go to waste.

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