Monday, June 19, 2017

The Struggle is Real Part 2

Last week I wrote about different struggles for the Show and Tell post entitled "The Struggle is Real".  After reading other posts from the link up, I wanted to follow up on my original post.

My strategy for dealing with those times when things aren't going smoothly is this: acknowledge that you're having a bad day, accept it, and be okay with it.  There are some days when I am working when I will be walking into the office from my car with the thought "This day is going to suck".  I know that sounds negative, but there are those days when I know I will be extra busy or will have to deal with clients or other lawyers that I know are going to be difficult.  Then during the day when I'm running around like crazy or doing some difficult work, then I'm not surprised about it.  It may not work for everyone but it helps my mindset.  Rather than being stressed out all day about things I can't change (see Struggle #1 from last week's post) I just deal with the day as it comes, and usually it isn't as bad as I think it will be.

The same thing happens when I am home with Q.  I like to keep busy all day going to the gym, keeping the house clean, doing errands, keeping Q on his eating and sleeping schedule, and preparing food.  Most of the time I do well and I get done what I want to get done.  But there are also days, usually if Q has been awake during the night, or isn't napping as planned, and I need to say to myself "this day is not going to be perfect".  When I realize this, it's like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders; I can stop worrying about making the day run smoothly and give myself a break.  It's on those days that I don't mind having a nap or watching a movie or Downton Abbey. I may not get everything done that I wanted to do that day, but it's okay.

I took this photo last summer when I was home with E one day.  It had been a rough morning, but we solved it all with a trip to the splash pad and an iced coffee for me.

So maybe next time you're stressed out about something, give yourself a break.  The day may not go as planned but if you realize it ahead of time then it can help you keep moving forward rather than just throwing your hands up in the air.  You can be a mess, but if you're a hot mess then you're still ahead ;)

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