Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monthly Goals

My goals for June were:

Figure out what we are doing for the last two weeks of July.  Done.  We decided we will drive to Nova Scotia with some stops in New Brunswick and Quebec.  My next step is to pin down when we will be where and make sure our family and friends will be around on those dates.  

Get a pedicure.  I did not get an official pedicure, but I did finally paint my nails.  Next month when Q is at daycare for a couple of hours, maybe I'll pop into the salon.

Clean up the back patio so we can eat meals there.  This is an ongoing project and I need to sweep and clean up the tree droppings several times a week, but we have been able to eat out there a few times.

Make some healthy snacks.  I have tried reaching for some more fruit, fizzy water and lemon, and homemade muffins, but I haven't made anything special. 

Family swims at the local pool.  This has not happened yet.  When it was really hot and humid, the pools weren't open yet, and now that they are open, it has been too cool at night to go swimming.  Hopefully we can get out next month.

Tidy up drawers in kitchen (leftover from May).  Done.  I've learned we have a lot of tea towels.

My goals for July are:

1. Give some baby clothes to our neighbour and donate the rest.
2. Buy some new work clothes for myself; back to work in August!
3. Get Q ready for daycare.  They gave us a list of stuff we need to bring in for him.
4. Try some of the new restaurants in my neighbourhood.  
5. Book a hotel for New York and start planning what we will do there.

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