Thursday, June 1, 2017

Monthly Goals

My goals for May were:

Transfer up some summer clothes and store some sweaters.  Done.

Find a new facial moisturizer that doesn't cost a fortune. This is put on hold for now because I found another bottle of the Arbonne stuff that I have been using.

Stock up on sunscreen for the summer.  I have three spray bottles, one cream bottle, and a baby one for Q.  We are in good shape for now.

Clean out the oven, fridge and washing machine.  I did the washing machine but not the others.  I will try to get to those this weekend.

Tidy up the drawers in the kitchen.  I didn't do this yet, it's still on the list. 

My goals for June are:

1. Figure out what we are doing for the last two weeks of July.
2. Get a pedicure.
3. Clean up the back patio so we can eat meals out there.  
4. Make some healthy snacks so I can stop eating handfuls of chocolate chips. 
5. Family swims at the local pool.  

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